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Off-Campus Living

Tulane is located in vibrant residential communities both in Uptown and Downtown New Orleans. We believe that living off campus is a privilege for students that offers an opportunity for learning and personal growth with many new responsibilities and opportunities. We expect students to be responsible citizens and good neighbors. 

All Tulane University students are expected to comply with University policies, including the Code of Student Conduct and University policies, local laws, and community standards of consideration for and kindness towards others.

All students, undergraduate and graduate, must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct, regardless of where they live.

The Tulane University Off-Campus Living Guide is a guide for living well in the communities near our campuses. 

For Our Students - Being a Good Neighbor

We expect our students take responsibility for fostering good relationships with the other residents in their neighborhoods. A positive living experience starts with being a good neighbor, and that means being respectful of your neighbors’ needs and wants.

New Orleanians are generally friendly, and they hope you will love and respect their city as much as they do. We ask that you interact with our neighbors in a respectful way that represents Tulane well. Behavior considered disrespectful, harassing, or threatening will not be tolerated. Students found responsible for this type of conduct will face sanctions, including possible separation from the university. Remember, the Student Code of Conduct applies to on-campus and off-campus behavior; any behavioral issues will be handled through Tulane’ s Office of Student Conduct. Additionally, if you are experiencing neighborhood relations concerns, please report these using our online form.

Communicate – Being a good neighbor starts with getting to know your neighbors. Something as simple as saying hello goes a long way toward having a positive relationship. If there is a problem in the future, it’s easier to discuss it with someone you already know. Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself to them when you first move in or early in the semester and exchange contact information. Invite your neighbors to contact you if there are any problems at your house and discuss concerns with your neighbors as soon as they arise.

Know Your Neighborhood Rules – For example, find out the rules regarding the proper disposal of trash. Knowing the basic rules of the community goes a long way towards a positive experience. Here you can determine the trash and recycling schedule for your address. For bulk items, please schedule a pick-up.

Respect your neighbor’s lifestyle - Depending on your neighborhood, there may be other students, working adults, or families with young children living near you. Be aware and respectful of your neighbors’ daily schedule and remember that they may have to work, get up early the next morning, or have young children at home.

Maintain Your Property – Making sure that your property is well-kept shows your neighbors that you care about the neighborhood. Maintaining your property involves everything from mowing the lawn to cleaning up trash. Practice proper yard maintenance and ensure you pick up any litter from your yard or the area around your residence. Learn the acceptable and legal places for parking at your house or apartment. In particular, it is a violation of a City of New Orleans ordinance to block a sidewalk or driveway with a parked vehicle. Here you can find some common parking violations.

Be Considerate – Making too much noise is both a nuisance and against the City of New Orleans noise ordinance. Abide by local noise ordinances and avoid creating loud noises that may disturb your neighbors.

Be responsible when hosting gatherings - Let your neighbors know in advance if you are planning a social gathering at your house. Keep the number of guests at a manageable level, determine a time for the gathering to end, and have plenty of trashcans available so guests can discard their litter as they leave. Remember that all tenants of the house or apartment are responsible for behavior that occurs on the premises.

Be Mindful of Safety Concerns – If you observe suspicious activity in your neighborhood, report it to law enforcement authorities by calling 911 or TUPD at 504-865-5911. If you are helpful in keeping your neighbors’ property safe, they will do the same for you.



To Our Neighbors

Tulane University is dedicated to participating in the New Orleans community in meaningful ways. This includes positively contributing to the experiences of residents throughout the city. To this end, the University has developed the Good Neighbor Guidelines listed above in order to help foster good neighborhood relations for current and future students living in New Orleans neighborhoods. We have also created a comprehensive plan to provide guidance to our students on the exciting rite of passage of moving out on their own and being good neighbors. This document will continuously be updated as new initiatives are launched.

Should an emergent incident occur with a Tulane student, please contact TUPD at 504-865-5911.

For non-emergent issues, please file a concern report.